Marianna Łacek – MA, the Polish Teachers Association in New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.
Graduate of the Pedagogical University of Cracow and postgraduate studies in bilingualism (Bilingualism & Community Languages in Australia) at the University of Sydney. Polish language teacher, promoter of Polish culture, translator, founder and long-time president of the Polish Teachers Association in New South Wales, president of the Polish Cultural Association in New South Wales. She received the “Award for Excellence in Teaching” (2002) from the Ministry of Education of NSW. She is the author of many methodological articles on teaching and assessing English and Polish in Australia, published regularly in the “Nowa Polszczyzna” [New Polish Language] magazine. She is also the author of studies: Język Polski w Australii [Polish Language in Australia], in:
Język polski jako narzędzia komunikacji we współczesnym świecie [Polish as a Communication Tool in the Modern World], ed. Jan Mazur, Lublin 2007 and Polskie szkolnictwo w Australii i Nowej Zelandii [Polish Schooling in Australia and New Zealand] (PUNA – London).
E-mail: mlacek@optusnet.com.au

Monika Ładoń – PhD, Institute of Literary Studies, Faculty of Philology, University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland.
She is the author of articles on the presentation of disease in Polish literature. She published a book,
“Bardzo proszę pamiętać, że ja byłem przeciw”. Studia o Antonim Słonimskim [Please Remember I Was Against. Study on Antoni Słonimski] (Katowice 2008). She co-edited the collective works Zamieranie prozy [The Dying of Prose] (Katowice 2012) and Zamieranie fikcji [The Dying of Fiction] (Katowice 2014).
: monika.ladon@us.edu.pl

Ewa Łukaszyk – Doctor habilitatus, LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies, Orléans, France.
Expert in literary studies focused on comparative issues; cultural critic and a specialist in Mediterranean and Lusitanian studies. She is a two-time holder of the scholarship granted by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon and the author of numerous publications on Portugal, including
Imperium i nostalgia. „Styl późny” w kulturze portugalskiej [Empire and Nostalgia. “Late Style” in the Portuguese Culture] (2015). She has also conducted research on many non-European cultures, including Malaysia, Morocco, and Guinea-Bissau. Currently, she is working on the concept of transcultural humanities and conducting a research project entitled “Poszukiwanie języka adamowego i wyłonienie się aspiracji transkulturowej w następstwie europejskich odkryć morskich” [The Search for the Adamic Language and the Emergence of Transcultural Aspiration in the Aftermath of the European Maritime Discoveries], funded by Horizon 2020.
E-mail: ewaluk@al.uw.edu.pl

Natalia Łukomska – PhD, Saints Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia.
Teacher of the Polish language. Graduate of Inter-faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities at the University of Silesia and a teacher of Polish and Slavonic. Translator of Macedonian. Her scientific interests include contemporary Polish with special emphasis on linguistic pragmatics, language in terms of glottodidactics, comparative grammar of Slavonic languages, contemporary Czech and Macedonian, as well as theory and practice of translation. In 2013, she received a doctoral degree based on her dissertation on indeclinable participles in Polish and Macedonian analysed in terms of translation and glottodidactics.
: natalia_lukomska@o2.pl