Information for reviewers

Basic rules of reviewing publications in Postscriptum Polonistyczne

  • The papers suggested for review are those which have been recommended by the editors of the given volume and which have obtained a positive opinion of the Editorial Board.
  • Two independent reviewers are appointed for the review of each text, from outside the research body with which the author of the paper is affiliated, and possibly from outside the University of Silesia and outside the Programming Board of the journal.
  • The review is provided in the written form and includes a clear proposal that the paper be accepted for publication or rejected. The conclusion concerns each paper. Reviews are confidential. The Editorial Team does not reveal the contents of the reviews either to the authors or to the other reviewer.
  • The reviewers decide to approve the paper for publication taking into account, among other things, the innovative approach to the subject, taking into account the existing subject literature, the use of an appropriate methodology, and the contribution of the findings to the current state of research.
  • The reviewers follow the ethical principles and best practices set forth in the Code of Conduct and Best-Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors, published by the Committee on Publication Ethics, 2011.
  • The names of the reviewers of individual publications and issues of the journal are not revealed. Once a year, the journal publishes a list of the reviewers working with it on its website, making it available to the general public.
  • The authors of the publications and the reviewers do not know one another’s identity (double-blind review process).
  • The final decision to publish or reject the paper is made by the thematic editor on the basis of two external reviews in writing.

After you have familiarised yourself with the code of conduct, please fill out the relevant declaration.

Download the individual paper review form Download the review conclusion form for the entire issue