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Number 2019 • 2 (24)
Migrations and their consequences

Number editors: Wioletta Hajduk-Gawron, Magdalena Ochwat

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Publication under license Creative Commons Uznanie autorstwa-Na tych samych warunkach 4.0 Międzynarodowe (CC BY-SA 4.0)

List of authors

  • About the authors

Hajduk-Gawron Wioletta, Ochwat Magdalena: Migrations and their consequences. Prescriptum

Introduction – hospitality towards newcomers

  • Sławek Tadeusz: Siren song of the sea. Five lessons in honesty by Homer

Encounters – recognitions – dialogue

  • Wójcik-Dudek Małgorzata: Homo migrans. The place of literature for children and young people in empathy education
  • Ochwat Magdalena: Climate – conflicts – migrations. Scenarios for the future
  • Koc Krzysztof: The same, but different… About human rights in Polish classes
  • Niesporek-Szamburska Bernadeta: “A ship of happy people…” – on pilgrimages and migrations in a travel report by Hanna Mortkowicz
  • Jakubowski Piotr: We’re going back to where we came from – on a certain attempt made by television to respond the so-called refugee crisis and the social unrest associated with it
  • Van Heuckelom Kris: In Holland There is a House. The Representation of Polish Immigrants in Contemporary Dutch Film

Cultural borderlands

  • Garncarek Piotr: Belarusian and Ukrainian identifications of Polish culture
  • Zarzycka Grażyna: Mechanisms of face-threatening intercultural communicative events
  • Lipińska Ewa: Polish diaspora language or Polish diaspora languages?
  • Pavliuk Olga: The ethnic mosaic of south-eastern Ukraine – historical note and the current situation using the example of the Zaporizhia Pre-Azov area
  • Hanczakovski Michał: Czech emigrants and their influence on Polish culture of the late 16th/ early 17th century using the examples of the Rybiński family and of Jan Łasicki

Experiences of transculturalism in education

  • Chawrilska Irena: Transmediality as a transcultural experience of students
  • Hajduk-Gawron Wioletta: The lingua-cultural sphere as an essential element of integration
  • Tambor Agnieszka: Film as a tool to assist in the process of adaptation of migrants – immigrants and refugees


  • Seretny Anna: Foreigners in the world of words, or the Polish Academy of Sciences Great Dictionary of Polish from the point of view of glottodidactics
  • Wacławek Maria, Wtorkowska Maria: Slovenians as eternal students and not only – excerpt from a Polish-Slovenian survey


  • Tambor Agnieszka: Report on the project Supporting integration of foreigners in the Silesian Voivodeship