About Postscriptum

Postscriptum Polonistyczne is a semi-annual journal of Polish and international specialists in Polish studies. The journal is a scientific publication edited by Polish studies scholars from the University of Silesia in Katowice associated with the University’s School of Polish Language and Culture together with researchers from foreign universities (China, Czech Republic, France, Macedonia). The members of the Scientific Board as well as the authors and reviewers come from different countries.

Postscriptum Polonistyczne publishes dissertations discussing aspects of the Polish language and literature, as well as a wide range of topics related to Polish culture (papers in the fields of cultural anthropology, film studies and theatre studies), with a particular focus on contemporary developments. Teaching of Polish culture and of Polish as a foreign language is another topic discussed in papers published in the journal, concerning various aspects of teaching the Polish language, literature and culture to foreigners, Polish studies in the Polish diaspora abroad, as well as the practice of Polish glottodidactics. Other papers which are published discuss the reception of Polish culture and literature abroad.